Dr. J's Corner

Welcome to Dr. J's Corner

To the left you will find a list of featured articles that were originally included in AristaTek's newsletter "The First Responder." These Articles were written by John S. Nordin (co-founder of AristaTek in Laramie, WY) - he has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wyoming. He has conducted emissions monitoring and air permitting for thermal oxidation systems, wet air oxidation and hot-gas stripping of retort wastewaters, and chemical spill release studies. Dr. Nordin was consulting engineer for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects on incineration of explosive-contaminated soils and arsenic- and pesticide-contaminated soils at a Massachusetts Superfund site. Under contract to an A&E firm, he completed studies on treatability of wastewaters from an Oklahoma Superfund site. Dr. Nordin directs the scientific staff at AristaTek that developed, manufactures and supports the PEAC (Palmtop Emergency Action for Chemicals) software.
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