PEAC-WMD Training

On Site User Training

On-site, instructor-led, user training courses are available. This course usually runs between 3-6 hours and teaches the four main capabilities of the PEAC software – technical reference, facility integration, hazard modeling and ICS/NIMS incident management.

The class includes scenarios that allow users to learn basic and advance navigation and utility of the software. Also included in the course is a thorough overview of ‘self-service’ training resources to make the most out of PEAC after the instruction leaves.

Course can be customized to the end-user and their organization needs (exercise preparation, etc.). Discounts apply when booking multiple sessions on consecutive days.

Training Tuesday

AristaTek provides its users with monthly live instructor-lead training sessions called ‘PEAC Training Tuesdays’ the third Tuesday of every month. Each session lasts about 20-30 minutes and covers a specific feature inside of PEAC, covering all software features over the course of 12 months.

These Training Tuesday sessions are archived inside the PEAC-NOW software feature for PEAC users to re-watch at any time at, even if a user misses the live session. There are currently 40+ Training Tuesday sessions available to PEAC users as a self-service EUT tool, and growing more each month.

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