Unthinkable - Radiological Dispersion Device using Cobalt 60

Release Date: 6/26/2014

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Thank you for your interest in our expert brief titled ‘Unthinkable – Radiological Dispersion Device using Cobalt 60’ prepared by the engineers at AristaTek, Inc. Our company was founded by experts in the fields of chemistry and hazardous materials, and we have been developing software solutions and expert commentary for responders and planners dealing with hazardous materials for nearly 20 years. This brief was prepared to help emergency planners and responders prepare and respond to ‘dirty bomb’ events.

Cobalt 60 was chosen as the topic substance for this brief due to the theft of a truck transporting the material from a Mexican medical facility in late 2013. It is thought that radiological isotopes used in medical applications would be the most likely target by terrorists when attempting to construct RDDs. The substance remained missing for several days, but was recovered when the stolen truck was found. Fill out the information below to get prepared.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within this brief, it is not available for immediate download. While it helps address the threats associated with Radiological Dispersion Devices, communities face many other threats from hazardous materials. This brief will be delivered in conjunction with an online presentation given by a member of the AristaTek team. The purpose of the meeting is to add context to the brief and also demonstrate how PEAC-WMD, our flagship product, may be used to model the public safety consequences of other chemical, explosive, and radiological hazards in your community. After the online meeting, the brief will be delivered to you via email in a PDF format.
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