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Plume Modeling Calculator

If the selected material produces a vapor cloud that is toxic by inhalation and the PEAC system has sufficient information in its database, it can calculate a Protective Action Distance (PAD). This can be accomplished in one of two ways. The first method allows the description of the incident by inputting information on Meteorology, Container size and Source. The results are shown on a graphic similar to that provided in the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook.

The second method allows the user to specify the Meteorology and then specify either an instantaneous mass release or continuous release rate. Depending on the specific incident, there are internal modules available to assess the different aspects of the problem, e.g., atmospheric stability, the flow through orifices, evaporation rates, dense-gas vs. passive dispersion. The appropriate exclusion or Protective Action Distance is computed instantaneously using the internal patented dispersion algorithms.
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