PEAC-WMD Products

Software for HAZMAT and CBRNE Professionals

PEAC-WMD Software provides vital Hazmat and CBRNE information, enabling Hazmat Responders to make informed decisions at the incident. The PEAC Software includes integrated mapping, GPS connectivity, over 100,000 chemical names, synonyms & trade names, multiple modeling tools, and much more! The PEAC Software has been designed as the complete decision support solution for Hazmat Professionals, for use at the scene, when seconds and lives count.

The patented PEAC Software is the only application that includes an easy to use toxic or flammable vapor cloud dispersion model integrated with a broad and comprehensive database of toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare & biological agents, explosives, and radioactive isotopes. Utilizing the many modeling tools provided, the PEAC System quickly calculates standoff distances and exclusion zones, at the incident and using the actual weather and topography conditions present. All modeling tools allow the Hazmat Responder to deal with the actual Hazmat substances, present container configurations, and the nature of the actual leak or release present.

A wide array of other decisions support tools provide immediate guidance with respect to required protective clothing, respirators, and other equipment available on your vehicle, specific to the particular incident and Hazmat substance present. Also, information is provided immediately in those instances in which multiple chemicals and substances are present. Utilizing the NBC Indicator Matrix provided, symptoms exhibited by mass casualties are used to help identify an unknown substance. The PEAC Software then identifies a most and next most likely agent type. In all cases, immediate information is provided to help you take immediate action.

Of course, PEAC also provides instant access to all standard manuals and guides, with no more thumbing through endless pages. Guidance is provided with a click of the mouse, right to the page needed.

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