Monday September 1, 2008 - Vol. VII Issue 9

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Press Release 7/29/08
Laramie, WY – AristaTek is participating for the 3rd straight year in the Department of Homeland Security’s CEDAP (Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program) by fielding the PEAC® Incident Command Kit to 89 recipients that selected the kit from a group of 19 different vendor solutions. The recipients represent First Responders from emergency management agencies, law enforcement and fire service across the nation.

The fielding will include hardware platforms from Itronix (a division of General Dynamics) and Tripod Data Systems (a division of Trimble) plus the internationally recognized PEAC-WMD™ software. During the fielding scheduled for Aug 4-8 in Raleigh NC each recipient will also receive a full day training course from AristaTek’s co-partner in the CEDAP, Davis Defense Group, Quantico VA.

The PEAC-WMD (Palmtop Emergency Action for Chemicals) software is a Wyoming developed and supported product that provides a comprehensive database of hazardous materials integrated with multiple tools to calculate safe standoff distances from different types of hazardous events, e.g., toxic vapor clouds, explosions, radioactive isotope releases, etc. The system supports the First Responder in making informed decisions on how to best protect the public and the response personnel.

Through the CEDAP, over 5000 direct assistance awards have been made to smaller jurisdictions with a worth of over $103 million since the CEDAP inception. The upcoming fielding will involve 1,800+ awardees with a value in excess of $31 million. The CEDAP is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with program support from the U.S. Army's Electronic Proving Ground at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. The program was established in 2005 by Congress to augment the larger grant programs managed by DHS. It was designed to provide equipment and training to smaller jurisdictions that lacked the grant writing staffs found in many larger communities.

The program uses DHS subject matter experts to evaluate and select vendor solutions to identified First Responder equipment needs and place these solutions on a list that applicants can then select from to meet their local and state homeland security mission priorities. The application process is completed online at the Responder Knowledge Base web site. The general categories include extrication devices; thermal imaging, night vision and video surveillance tools; chemical, biological, and radiological detection tools; information technology and risk management tools; and tracking tools.

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