Wednesday October 1, 2008 - Vol. VII Issue 10

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Newsworthy Notes
Summer 2008
AristaTek and Davis Defense Group have completed the fielding and the new equipment training for the 89 CEDAP (Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program) awardees. The training was held in Raleigh, NC this summer and was a partnership between the Davis Defense Group and AristaTek. Each of the 89 organizations received the PEAC-WMD Incident Command Kit. Congratulations to each organization, and AristaTek looks forward to working with you in the future.

Summer 2008
The Department of The Air Force, Headquarters Air Force Communications Agency (AFCA) located at Scott Air Force Base, Ill has issued the Software certification for PEAC-WMD. This certificate states that PEAC-WMD is hereby certified for use on the Air Force global Information Grid and placed on the Air Force Evaluated/Approved products List. The certificate further states that PEAC-WMD provides vital information to first responders who deal with emergencies involving chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials, and explosive devices.AristaTek is proud to work with the Air Force and share in their important missions.

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