Wednesday October 31, 2007 - Vol. VI Issue 7

Vedauvoo - Medicine Bow National Forest
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Vedauvoo (also spelled “Vedauwoo”) is an Indian word meaning “earth-born spirits”. It refers to a section of Wyoming where 1.2 million year old Sherman granite rock outcroppings are sculptured into fantastic shapes. The area is sacred to the native peoples. The rock outcroppings at 8000 foot elevation are set among aspens, limber pine, Douglas fir, peachtree willow, and other trees. The area can be reached at exit 379 off Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne. It is fun to visit the area and hunt for the rock spirits there. (photos by John Nordin, 2007)

Turtle Rock

The turtle rests during the day

At dusk the turtle feeds

“Mr Grump puss”

“George Washington”

“The old man at Vedauvoo”

The “hammerhead dinosaur” lurks about...

“The sleeping dog”. In another direction the face looks like a sphinx

The rock spirits have eyes

The “seal” hunts

Do you see the squirrel?

Some people see an “ant head” in this balanced rock

Another balanced rock at the nearby Blair picnic ground. The sun shining through storm clouds (not seen) create interesting lighting effects. October 6, 2007.

Devils Playground

A handicap-access paved walkway greets visitors entering Vedauvoo glen
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