Sunday November 1, 2009 - Vol. VIII Issue 11

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Due to the Indian Wars, the railroad, the multiple trails of immigrants traveling to the west and stage coach trails, Wyoming has several forts. Some have deteriorated and merely have markers but others still have several buildings, and structures, and antiques to observe.

It is curious to me that Fort D A Russell (“Frances E Warren which is now an Air Force Base) was built before any planes existed and that of all of the Indian wars fought in the United States, Fort Washakie is the only fort that was named after an Indian chief.

Fort Bonneville
Archaeological Investigations At Fort Bonneville

State parks video

Fort Bridger

Fort Caspar

Fort Fetterman

Fort Laramie

Fort McKinney

Fort Phil Kearney

Fort Reno

Fort David A Russell

Fort Sanders

Fort Stambaugh

Fort Fred Steele

Fort Washakie

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