Friday May 1, 2009 - Vol. VIII Issue 2

AristaTek is please to announce PEAC-WMD version 5.6.2. You will find the ERG 2008, a larger database of chemicals, and our chemical protective clothing database is nearly 6 times larger.

If you have an active subscription you are eligible for this upgrade at no cost! If you are currently running the windows version 5.5 or later, the Check for Updates function is built right into your software. You may access it from the help menu inside the PEAC software, or from the Start Menu -> All Programs -> PEAC-WMD 2007 -> Check for Updates. For pocket pc or for older windows versions you should log onto our new website at the same address,, and click on customer service. After logging in click the File Download link on the left-hand sided of the screen. Select the platform that the PEAC-WMD software is currently running on (windows or pocket pc), language, and the type of file you wish to download (while the executable files are recomended, many firewalls do not allow the downloading of executable files. If this is the case , the zip files will do nicely). Click "Get List of Files". Select the first link, "Install with English ERG 2008 as Default ERG (recommended) (3/5/2009) v5.6.2 (36.6 MB)".

Your username and password can be found in the inside of the cd cover of the original instalation CD. If you have misplaced your CD cover please call our technical support line at (877)912-2200. We can also answer questions like, "Is my subscription active?" and "If my subscription has expired, how can I obtain the update to the software?" Our technical and sales staff will get you up to speed in no time.
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