Monday June 30, 2008 - Vol. VII Issue 5

Snowy Range Closeups
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As the winter snow melts high in the mountains above 10000 feet, flowers quickly appear, sometimes poking through the snow. The ground at first glance appears bare, but is covered with many interesting plants which grow only a few inches high. The author wishes to thank Ernie Nelson of the University of Wyoming (Rocky Mountain Herbarium) for plant identifications.

All photos by John Nordin, 22 June 2008.

Snowy Range, general setting, looks bare, but the ground is textured with many plants

Water gushes from the snow

Plants (pussytoes, draba, etc.)carpet the ground

Glacier Lilies appear as the snow melts

Alpine clover

Jacobs Ladder

Alpine Forget-me-nots and stonecrop

Stonecrop (one inch high) get ready to bloom

The rocks are covered with lichens

Alpine Forget-me-nots and rock lichens

Alpine phlox carpet the ground

Wood grain texture, scale about 10 inches

Candytuft (Noccaea)

More Alpine Forget-me-nots (Eritrichum nanum)

Black-mooned Anarta Moth

Alpine Drabas

Polentille cinquefoil

Eritrichum nanum (white variety)

Erigeron compositus

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