Wednesday April 30, 2008 - Vol. VII Issue 3

Technically Speaking
Combustible Dust Explosions
By Dr. John Nordin, PhD

Most people would not think that dust made up of ordinary materials such as food could explode, but under certain circumstances it can. On 7 February 2008, a violent explosion occurred in a silo where refined sugar was stored at the Imperial Sugar Company Plant on the Savannah River at Port Wentworth, Georgia, killing 12 people and injuring many others...(FULL STORY)

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Just What the Doctor Ordered
More great humor to get you through the month. (FULL STORY)

Western Photo Corner!
View pictures from around Wyoming and the West...
This month we visit the Snowy Range!!! (FULL STORY)

Welcome to the West!
Interesting stories and facts from our neck of the woods...
Learn about the Overland Trail and the Overland Stage!!! (FULL STORY)

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